Just have faith that there IS a greater plan.

Just have faith that there is a greater plan.

Just have faith that there is a greater plan.


BRAVO to Lake ‘O’ Reroute Solution

The Treasure Coast Relieved


The US Army Corps of Engineers and the South Florida Water Management District have collectively agreed to invest more than one billion into rerouting the polluted, excess Lake Okeechobee discharge. The plan will reinstate the natural, historical drainage water patters seen below.



The Treasure Coast residential and economic partners are relieved, but will remain skeptical until funding is put into action.


Local businesses that thrive on tourism and water recreation could not have sustained another ‘release’ season. This is a huge win for The Treasure Coast. The local consensus is “its great to see collaborating organizations (USACE & SFWMD) come to agreement rooted in ethical service to the constituents served”.


See the effects of Lake O’s discharge through the Saint Lucie Estuary.


 Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 6.20.12 PM

Bravo to The US Army Corps of Engineers and The South Florida Water Management District!

Photo Credit: TC Palm


Resolution 2014


What does it mean to be a good person?

To me, it has meant choosing to do what is right and fair.  It means to be kind and honest, except when the only outcome means another’s pain with no favorable gain.

But I’m starting to see that it means so much more.  Our everyday lives impact the greater good.  Our personal consumer decisions are having a tsunami effect the globe over.

My naïve perspective and careless living have literally sickened me! Everywhere I look in my home, I see permanent plastic that was created with the intent of disposal.  I, the brainless consumer, walked right into this trap and now I’m standing up to my neck in my ‘forever’ junk!

As I type this I do not know ‘how’ I am going to cease my consumer habits and do an abow face… but I have taken the first step and acknowledged my mess.  Below are some links I’ve found to get started.  What about you?

Tips and Tricks

Happy New Year!!!

‘Coming Into Ones Own’…


I’ve heard that more times than I know throughout my life, only to now internalize. For me it’s been about choosing to take small steps that have required courage. It has also consisted of embracing seasons containing some of my favorite moments and people.

True… some of those seasons have SUCKED! Sucked the life and spirit out of me… sucked my hope and belief in my talents. But for those too, I am grateful. Those were some of my best lessons. Growth requires learning, flexibility and receptiveness. Opportunities to learn are everywhere, so long as the choice is made to see the growth potential and take that step.

We are all presented with opportunities everyday. It’s choosing to step towards the unknown that sets us all apart. RedKite has an amazing collective of receptive growth consultants that each specialize in sustainable vocations.

• Operational Strategy
• Global Water Solutions 
• Corporate Visibility and Design
• Green Roof and Rain Water Collection 
• Organic Agriculture and Sustainable Earth Practices
• Zero Waste and Lean Practice Workflow Management

The collection of expertise has come to fruition though a general belief in ‘doing well by doing good’, hard work and a passionate belief in one’s purpose.

Learn more ‘About Me’ HERE: http://about.me/katrinamccullough and join the movement.

An Ethical Shift in Global Water

It’s a rarity… for a large group of genuinely-concerned, game changers to come to the table.

Cred: K.Mc

Cred: K.Mc

This is exactly what has happened and the possibilities are endless for the collective humans.

The Florida Earth Foundation through the primary efforts of Stan Bronson, has interested much of the creme de la creme in education, as well as groups in public and private sectors.  The desire to build and learn is meshing with industry experts rooted in good ethical motives.

The need for water infrastructure is prevalent. Natural management and utilization coupled with science and industry supported by the collective humans – will result in powerful solution implementations.


Want to learn how your organization can get involved?

Schedule a ‘think-tank’ meeting / presentation with our team.

Exciting – Powerful things to come!
Katrina McCullough –  Consultant, Red-Kite.US

Red-Kite.us is currently building with care. Thanks for your patience.


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