Quest to Conquer the Unconquerable

integrated marketing communication

My drive and desire to attain my Master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications was a derivative of my professional experience.  I worked in digital information management and corporate healthcare, specifically public relations and advertising.  Due to the rapid evolution of our digital media, I felt ill equipped in creating, managing and growing a unified voice and brand while forging down a blended traditional and digital media approach.  My type-A personality left me needing to learn more both for professional and personal growth and understanding.

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 10.37.56 AM

With an ‘A’ equivalent average GPA, I feel successful thus far but I also understand the value of an education is directly based in ones drive to learn and grow.  For me, this extends far past tuition and text books and well into everyday life.  I am constantly reading and researching industry trends.  That said, when discovering  Brian Solis and Jess3’s Conversation Prism above, those overwhelming feelings come rushing back: How do I conquer the unconquerable?

I’ve come to understand that marketing success in utilization and participation happens within the process of customization.  Not an earth shaking observation, I know, but pertinent to help others like me. It’s important to understand that there is no need to be using each and every latest media trend.  Simply said, pick a blend that makes sense within both traditional and digital media outlets and use what works.

Each organization has it’s niche and target demographics.  Taking the desired message to the right target helps to deduce what proper traditional and digital marketing outlets to utilize.  My understanding of information and workflow management paired with my integrated marketing communications understanding blends nicely within this ever evolving world.

Katrina McCullough


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