YOU are the greater good!

What does social media have to do about the greater good? 




We need to all stop thinking so small. 


by Nel Noddings


We are playing in a digital world with global potential.  Social media has EVERYTHING to do with the greater good!  It’s the platform for public voice where lessons can be shared.  Does that mean it has to be ‘dry’ like the cracker challenge


 It can and should be flairs of you coupled with what you care about.

 Many…………most, would prefer to be brave from afar. This makes social media platforms perfect! Who wants to be face to face with adversity and conflict? Passive is sometimes a smart move, but being a coward is having no voice.  Are you a coward or are you just passive?

 Whether you want to embrace your voice or not, you have one to share.  Your voice doesn’t need to solve world hunger or global human trafficking but it can inspire a positive shift in another.


So I challenge you, what do you care about? 


Find some content and share with us and then take one small step to back that up.


Right now I think everyone should check Blindfold Magazine for ideas.  I’m just saying… if your not sure what you care about; it’s a good place to start!


Connect with your Greater Good!  


I’d love to hear why you care.





One thought on “YOU are the greater good!

  1. First off – kudos for the cracker challenge link. Tried that one time, did not go so well …
    I think the thing I love the most about the Internet and social media is the opportunity to rant and have others listen and comment. I am a pot stirrer, and will get on Facebook with the sole purpose of pissing people off. My crown gem garnered over 200 comments and lost me 5 “friends.” Man, that was a good day.
    But I also, and sometimes they are the same thing, post things to share how I really feel. I will rant on a topic that really matters to me and prepare to digitally fight the people who challenge me. At the end of the day we all shake hands, but comment sparring, which provides the opportunity to type, delete and fine tune, provides a great debate forum.

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