An Ethical Shift in Global Water

It’s a rarity… for a large group of genuinely-concerned, game changers to come to the table.

Cred: K.Mc

Cred: K.Mc

This is exactly what has happened and the possibilities are endless for the collective humans.

The Florida Earth Foundation through the primary efforts of Stan Bronson, has interested much of the creme de la creme in education, as well as groups in public and private sectors.  The desire to build and learn is meshing with industry experts rooted in good ethical motives.

The need for water infrastructure is prevalent. Natural management and utilization coupled with science and industry supported by the collective humans – will result in powerful solution implementations.


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Exciting – Powerful things to come!
Katrina McCullough –  Consultant, Red-Kite.US


One thought on “An Ethical Shift in Global Water

  1. All very fine, but still no-one pays any attention to what will happen if we are “ethical” about, say, climate change. The earth has been warming for many thousand years in an icing/warming cycle. As evidence of a previous warming, why is there so much oil under the Arctic? Such warming will progressively impact water supply, however much money we spend trying to “reverse” warming. So focus must switch to how the planet’s peoples are to live in such circumstances. A huge set of programmes will be needed: population resettlement, new forms of agriculture, new ways of conserving water and finding new supply, many more. The money now being spent on anti-climate-change should be spent on these programmes – not doing so, is merely to squander it.

    What is depressing is that such a possibility is not being entertained, by governments, think-tanks, commentators etc. It will soon to be too late

    Ian Wylie
    Trevenning Water

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