Resolution 2014


What does it mean to be a good person?

To me, it has meant choosing to do what is right and fair.  It means to be kind and honest, except when the only outcome means another’s pain with no favorable gain.

But I’m starting to see that it means so much more.  Our everyday lives impact the greater good.  Our personal consumer decisions are having a tsunami effect the globe over.

My naïve perspective and careless living have literally sickened me! Everywhere I look in my home, I see permanent plastic that was created with the intent of disposal.  I, the brainless consumer, walked right into this trap and now I’m standing up to my neck in my ‘forever’ junk!

As I type this I do not know ‘how’ I am going to cease my consumer habits and do an abow face… but I have taken the first step and acknowledged my mess.  Below are some links I’ve found to get started.  What about you?

Tips and Tricks

Happy New Year!!!

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