BRAVO to Lake ‘O’ Reroute Solution

The Treasure Coast Relieved


The US Army Corps of Engineers and the South Florida Water Management District have collectively agreed to invest more than one billion into rerouting the polluted, excess Lake Okeechobee discharge. The plan will reinstate the natural, historical drainage water patters seen below.



The Treasure Coast residential and economic partners are relieved, but will remain skeptical until funding is put into action.


Local businesses that thrive on tourism and water recreation could not have sustained another ‘release’ season. This is a huge win for The Treasure Coast. The local consensus is “its great to see collaborating organizations (USACE & SFWMD) come to agreement rooted in ethical service to the constituents served”.


See the effects of Lake O’s discharge through the Saint Lucie Estuary.


 Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 6.20.12 PM

Bravo to The US Army Corps of Engineers and The South Florida Water Management District!

Photo Credit: TC Palm