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Katrina’s colorful youth and journey led her through 24 schools prior to graduating high school. She didn’t learn to read until the 4th grade. Mrs. Osterberg, a teacher that encouraged better results, took initiative and changed a life. Katrina’s story is one about finding her voice and encouraging others to use today’s technology as a global platform to inspire others and take a stance on issues that matter.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)


Cleansed by the Water

My employment history starts at my family bar.

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 3.42.28 PM

Not really an 11 year olds dream job… picking cigarette butts out of the men’s room urinals.  BARF!  Of course I was gloved up but it didn’t matter.  This was a job I never cared to do again.

So, I got a job at one of the few restaurants in town, The Driftwood in Linesville, PA.  I waited tables and ran the register.   They had the best bread and pies in town.

It was a good job.  I’d work a 4-5 hour shift and make forty bucks give or take.  It was good money for a 13 year old.  I worked there 4 years and learned the foundation of my work ethics.

Foundation principles:

  • Be organized – constantly evolving
  • Be willing to learn always
  • Be genuine
  • Work hard
  • Be patient
  • Be quick
  • Be polite

My family, basketball and an avid collection of Moms helped engrain what I just somehow recognized as good and right values.

How does it translate now? It translate into every project I touch and today my focus is on water.

It makes sense for me, I’ve been guided by it my whole life.  One of my first memories is of my Mom and I.  She has me on the counter and my bare feet are in the dishwater.  She is singing Patsy Cline and I’m humming it with her.  I can still see the bubbles on my toes and the look in her eyes.  Love.

My Pap works in water chemistry and technology.  For a sizable portion of my youth, I wondered why it seemed like a secret.  Turns out I just asked a lot of questions and his brain was tired.  I understand now… now that I’m a parent.

Fast forward to our last collective family vacation.  It was the summer of ’94.  We went to Ocean City and our place was walking distance to the beach.  I filled my journal with everything and more… the ocean was so inspiring to me.  My liquid energy!

It was on that vacation I discovered; the ocean would be part of my home.  I dreamt about being a marine biologist but missed opportunities short changed that dream. Perhaps for a purpose, because here I am, staring at a new venture in WATER.

Photo Credit: K.McCullough

Photo Credit: K.McCullough

The Florida Earth Foundation in collaboration with impressive university partners, ASCE, USCE, The US Dutch Ambassador, UNESCO-IHE – including humble (but amazing) tech resources are focused on addressing water disconnect.  The goal is to develop ethical, global, water solutions for all through authentic, contributing partnerships.

We are looking for help in raising awareness.  Please consider offering ideas and sharing collaborative opportunities for us all to learn from and work together.  We believe in fostering viable, ethical solutions to dire hydro issues.   Your water; is it a convenience you take for granted?  I know I do.

Join in our conversation.

Privacy Fee Assessed

Privacy:  Payment in FULL Required 


A mobile phone is personal property.  The cost of owning mobile devices for some people let alone families is a substantial financial commitment.  On top of that, our data is being harvested, mined, used to create massive revenue web hosting companies and also marketers.

AND we, the consumer pay for cell phones because… ?

The price being paid is a slowly developing image, that I believe will always be in flux, hindered only by the gumption of our dreams.

Having a mobile device is a convenience for the consumer, obviously, that’s why we all have them…except me.    It’s hard picturing life without our ‘lifeline’ but it is possible. The paying customer should have control over who is tracking their activity and cell consumers should receive disclosure of the utilization of their data and summary of benefit-outcome.

My exception:  Similar to how we civilians set “Google Alerts”, I stand firm against human trafficking, child abuse-pornography… these online activities need monitoring. This issue has reached epidemic porportions and it is an American problem too.  Human abuse falls outside of the lines of privacy protection because they are violating the privacy of others and prevelence falls with boys and girls alike.  This topic needs it’s own post some other time.

I know I specifically take issue with location-based geo-tracking.  For me it’s an issue of security.  I do not want my current location public at all times. Of course from a marketers perspective I experience a clash as I see the value of this type of marketing.  That said I believe ‘opting-in’ and ‘opting-out’ needs to be left to the consumer with full disclosure of the use of their data.  Forcing the customers hand is not a fruitful tactic that works long-term, they realized they were pressured influencing a trusting relationship.

We will continue to see more evidence of the chipping away at our privacy rights because of law enforcements use of warrantless cell phone searches to catch criminals in the act.  The precedence still remains to be set, for example check out this current US Supreme Court cases pending. As technology rapidly evolves, I sincerely doubt we will ever be ahead of the next and best of the tech world from a monitoring standpoint.  The reality is with benefits of technology there is a price to pay.  That price is your privacy.

SOCIAL MEDIA WILL SAVE THE USA! ** Help S A V E the United States!**

The Government is on ‘Strike’!

or vacation while the HOUSE IS BURNING DOWN and we’re ok with it – why?


LAST TIME I CHECKED The government works FOR THE PEOPLE and the people could give two shits… most don’t even seem to understand [Street View – Kimmel].  Fallon‘s notes.

The fact here is – THIS ISN’T FUNNY!  Seek current events about YOUR HOME.  Your voice matters – you VOTE on your favorite ‘reality’ show… so take initiative to engage here too.

We need to TALK.

Why are we are allowing our HOUSE DIVIDED?


Do we really not care that the Democratic / Republican sides are so divided and irrational that they are playing a pretty high profile game of CHICKEN.


Obama – the “Campaign Master” understands this game of chess.  After all, he is the president.

However, I know Republican(s) that have said, “I really don’t give a shit… if they’re stupid enough to hire me, then so be it.”

Where is the HEART?




Hurry, use it quick before Obama controls that Medium too!



YOU are the greater good!

What does social media have to do about the greater good? 




We need to all stop thinking so small. 


by Nel Noddings


We are playing in a digital world with global potential.  Social media has EVERYTHING to do with the greater good!  It’s the platform for public voice where lessons can be shared.  Does that mean it has to be ‘dry’ like the cracker challenge


 It can and should be flairs of you coupled with what you care about.

 Many…………most, would prefer to be brave from afar. This makes social media platforms perfect! Who wants to be face to face with adversity and conflict? Passive is sometimes a smart move, but being a coward is having no voice.  Are you a coward or are you just passive?

 Whether you want to embrace your voice or not, you have one to share.  Your voice doesn’t need to solve world hunger or global human trafficking but it can inspire a positive shift in another.


So I challenge you, what do you care about? 


Find some content and share with us and then take one small step to back that up.


Right now I think everyone should check Blindfold Magazine for ideas.  I’m just saying… if your not sure what you care about; it’s a good place to start!


Connect with your Greater Good!  


I’d love to hear why you care.




Seven Basic Questions to Aid in Improving SEO

Since the number seven in numerology means ‘searcher and seeker of truth’, the title ‘seven questions’ is appropriate as effective SEO will help seekers find the answers and solutions needed.


Delivering on client SEO depends first on understanding their business and their goals.

Ask these important questions:

  1. How competitive is their business niche? (Determine through industry specific key word search + location)
  2. Are they claiming their location on digital mapping sites and through local directories like the Chamber of Commerce?
  3. Do they need global, national or local exposure?
  4. Are they creating unique content? How are they sharing it? Are they utilizing cross platform promotion?
  5. Are they using keywords effectively? The revival of long-tail keywords can help companies stand out. Try this useful tool: Übersuggest.
  6. Who is the target and what is the targets intent?
  7. What is the budget?

Complimenting SEO with well-placed online advertising is a must have for effectiveness.  What is the objective?  Increase sales of products or services? According to Forrester, thirty percent of online shoppers start at Amazon to research products.  Amazon accounts for more than 19% of all U.S. ecommerce revenue.  So perhaps this is could be a great fit to advertise for some of your clients?  Or perhaps location apps are a better fit for those in the service industry.  Here is a great slideshare presentation on 20 apps that could be the compliment your client’s campaign needs.

It is also important to take into account devices usage statistics, gender and content area when planning for clients.  You need to know where the eyeballs are and how to reach them.

It may seem overwhelming, but when dissecting marketing and optimization step-by-step, effectiveness resides in client-by-client customization.  No two organizations are alike.

What are some of your tactics, tips and tricks?  Please share.